Non-Surgical Face Lift
Natural results for women and men. This procedure is safe and effective. It’s designed for the client who loves to look forever young! Dissolves, and removes excess skin and fat cells. Simultaneously firms, tightens, lifts, and sculpts the tissue and muscle.

Lipo Sculpting & Body Contouring:
Using our leading edge Ultrasonic Cavitation Technology this procedure lifts, sculpts, tightens and tones the body. It converts fat cells into liquid which can then be naturally drained by the body’s own filtration system, then it is followed by radio frequency to help reduce cellulite and tighten skin. It breaks down cellulite, releasing and flushing away excess liquids, toxins, and fatty deposits, therefore, boosting collagen production to improve the skins appearance. Leaves no scars and allows a full social life before and after the treatment. It is designed to reduce stubborn fatty pockets that just won’t go away with diet or exercise. Sessions are 30 to 60 minutes long depending on the size and area treated.

Ecologica Acne Program:
Acne is a skin condition that involves the over production of sebum along with cell proliferation which in return makes a pleasant environment for bacteria to thrive on. It is not dangerous, but can leave scarring in not treated correctly. We will customize and work with you individually to address acne, scarring, pigmentation and price accordingly. Recommended specially for you adults with skin conditions. Our program is a weekly process, medication will be included with service.
List of Services
 Inject Stem Bio-Firming Facial            60 Minutes
Inject Cells Vitamin Facial                         60 Minutes                         
Precious Gemstone Facial                       60 Minutes
Pumpkin Spice Facial                                60 Minutes
Dermadeep Facial                                         60 Minutes
Brightening Facial                                    45 Minutes
Ecologica Facial                                         60 Minutes
Eco Facial                                                      60 Minutes
Hydro Facial                                                60 Minutes
The Ecologica Express                              45 Minutes
Oxygen Facial                                                                                         60 Minutes
Gentleman’s Facial                                     45 Minutes
Acne Program                                               45 Minutes
Non-Surgical Face Lift (Packages available)                 90 Minutes
Lip Sculpting & Body Contouring        90 Minutes

(Ideal for arms, stomach, thighs, back and face) 

Waxing: Eyebrows, Upper Lip, Chin, Full Face, Underarms, Full & Half Leg, Full & Half Arm, Back, Bikini, Brazilian.

Threading: Eyebrows, Lip, Eyebrows & Up, Full Face

Botox & Fillers: Available by appointment only.

Eyelash Extensions: Full Set (Synthetic Mink) and Refills

Permanent Makeup: Eyeliner (Top/Bottom), Lips, Brows